Depending on your browser and plugins, you may be able to actively stream some of the video files while others will need to be downloaded to your computer to watch. Some applications, such as VLC, allow you to enter a URL and will actively stream the files for you. Just copy the link (to a file on this site) without clicking on it, and then paste that into VLC's "stream network".

These directories will soon require your first name and phone number/password to selectively limit access. Let me know if you want to be on the list. Do not share this link.

The search function below is currently disabled. For now, read this text file for info on any of the movies listed below, or visit IMDB. Scroll or do a simple text search in your browser to find anything specific. The list may not include all files.

Lastly, keep in mind that this is just a very simple window onto a folder of videos, with no fancy service wrapper or GUI. Thus, an alias you see will not work for you and some links may be broken. If you have any questions or can recommend something not listed, please let me know.

Video Files on T's Server

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