Why mason bees?

Orchard mason bees are amazing pollinators. Unlike honey bees that have leg pockets for pollen storage, a mason bee must stuff pollen into stiff hairs on her abdomen. This less sophisticated method leads to much better pollination because on each flower while she tries to stuff the pollen some inevitably falls out, likely pollinating the flower. And honey bees concentrate on one tree or bush at a time, but mason bees fly back and forth all over - cross pollenating much better!

While a honey bee typically pollinates about five percent of the flowers it visits in a day, it is estimated that a mason bee pollinates ninety-five percent. And on top of that the mason bee visits more than twice as many flowers every day!

Sound interesting?

Have some questions? Ready to get going with a set of live hibernating starter bees, as well as necessary supplies? Email us today at sandhbees@gmail.com!

At this time there is NO CHARGE for any of this. (ie. FREE) We are just at a stage of trying to get bees out to friends, family and acquaintances and we'll see how all this goes in the future. In addition to supporting our ecosystem, we think mason bees have a big future in assisting our commercial food production. So, if you like to eat, you can do your small part simply by hosting and propagating mason bees!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We care about the bees and appreciate your interest and sharing your experience with others.