Getting Started

Getting Started

As easy as 1, 2, 3 (...4,5)

  1. Give us a call or email and let us know how many boxes of bees you'd like to host.

    • Opition One is simply one of our boxes (with dormant cocooned bees, ~70 sleeved tubes and an emergence tube).

    • Opition Two includes option one plus an additional box with tubes that you may keep as your own (we'll still retrieve our box).

  2. Arrange a time / place to get the box(s), bee cocoons and empty tubes.

  3. Place the container of bee cocoons into your refrigerator to wait until spring.

  4. Read our "Care of" page and/or our quick list and place your bees and box(s) out when the time comes.

  5. After the bees have finished populating the tubes, gently relocate the entire box of tubes to your garage (or a cool, dry place) for safety and protection.

At this time there is NO CHARGE for any of this. (ie. FREE) We are just at a stage of trying to get bees out to friends, family and acquaintances and we'll see how all this goes in the future. In addition to supporting our ecosystem, we think mason bees have a big future in assisting our commercial food production. So, if you like to eat, you can do your small part simply by hosting and propagating mason bees!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We care about the bees and appreciate your interest and sharing your experience with others.